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Telehealth Appointments

What is telehealth and how do I prepare for one?

We are pleased to offer telehealth appointments (telephone or video) if you are an enrolled patient with Redcliffs Medical Centre. 

 A telehealth appointment is the same price as an in-person appointment at the clinic.

What are the benefits of a telehealth consultation?

Increased convenience for you- Avoiding your need to travel to the doctor's clinic

A telehealth consultation prevents community spread of the viral illness- for example, the covid19 virus.

When is a telehealth appointment appropriate?

  • When you don't require a physical examination

  • Some long term medication reviews

  • Long term mental health reviews

  • Palliative care reviews

  • Work and Income benefit reviews

  • Patients with physical access & mobility issues

  • ACC continuation off work certificates

What is not appropriate for a telehealth consultation?

  • If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe pain, allergic reaction, or bleeding, do not book online –dial 111 for an ambulance.

  • If you require a physical examination please book an in-person appointment at the clinic.

  • Babies and young children who are sick, as they need to be examined by the doctor.

  • ACC Claims


How do I pay for the appointment?

We will email your invoice to you. Payment is expected within 2 working days.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please make sure you call reception to avoid a fee for non-cancellation.

How to get the most out of your Doctor's telehealth appointment?

Appointment times are 15 minutes. If you feel this isn't enough time to explain your problems and for the doctor to decide on a treatment plan it may be best to book a double appointment with your doctor. (Appointments for 30 minutes will incur double the fee above)

How should I prepare for a telehealth appointment?

You can help get the best from a telehealth appointment by following these simple steps:

  • Make a note of what you want to discuss.

  • Before the appointment time go to the room you have chosen for the consultation. 

  • Have your phone or device ready. 

  • Do not take other calls at this time.


What happens at the telehealth appointment?

You may be asked some identifying questions such as your name, address, and date of birth to make sure the right patient and right health records are present. The doctor will speak with you and ask you questions in the same way as they would at an in-person consultation.

Who will be present?

You, your GP. As with an in-person appointment, a support person or someone from your whanau may be present if you wish. Please let the GP know someone is with you.


How private is the telehealth appointment?

The same privacy and confidentiality requirements that apply to in-person consultations apply to telehealth consultations. It can only be seen and heard by the health care professionals involved.


What if I need to be examined?

Physical examination is very limited over the telephone, therefore if you require a physical examination, we suggest you book an in-person appointment at the clinic.

If the telehealth consultation does not achieve everything that is needed, you will be given a choice about what to do next. This could include a follow-up in-person visit, or a second telehealth consultation. Normal consultation fees will apply.


Will the telehealth consultation be recorded?

No. Telehealth consultations between doctor and patient are never recorded, and we do not give patients permission to make their own recordings of a telehealth consultation.


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