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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Other Services

Here at Redcliffs Medical Centre we offer a range of additional services that can be provided by our doctors and nurses.

These appointments may require extra time so please phone us in the clinic to book your appointment.


Some of these procedures include:

Aclasta is a Zoledronic acid medicine used as an iron infusion to treat osteoporosis
in men and women. It also helps prevent additional fractures where someone may
have recently fractured their hip, for example.

Sleep Study
This is a comprehensive test used to help diagnose sleep disorders or irregularities.

Memory Test
These tests assess the ability of short-term and medium-term memory.

B4 School Check
This aims to identify and address any health, behavioural, social, or developmental
concerns which could affect a child’s ability to get the most benefit from school, such
as a hearing problem or communication difficulty.

Diabetes check
This check can measure glucose levels in the blood to identify the presence of
diabetes. We also do annual checkups for those already diagnosed.

Cardiovascular check
Cardiovascular risk assessment (CVRA). This is an assessment that is carried out
for many reasons, e.g.: diabetes, familial risk factors, specific ethnicities etc. A CVRA
will not be carried out if a person has a pre-existing cardiovascular disease. It
measures sitting blood pressure and cholesterol.

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